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You already have a website and your own Facebook page!  So let’s get to using them!

When you join MiMississippi, your pages get the EXPOSURE they deserve!

The community uses MiMississippi like a newspaper or a magazine when it needs to find information.  But, unlike a newspaper or a magazine, the community has MiMississippi in the palm of their hands as long as they simply have their phone! And, one simple click at MiMississippi.Com on YOUR CATEGORY leads thousands of readers directly to YOUR information about YOUR business!  Information that includes whatever you want your customers to know…from articles, to coupons, to videos!

For example, when a potential client goes to MiMississippi for information and clicks on “Autos,” they will see YOUR NAME or LOGO and be LINKED DIRECTLY TO YOUR EXISTING WEBSITE!  That means all of the existing MiMississippi readers who were looking for information on English Classes, Jobs, Attorneys, etc., are now potentially going to be DIRECTLY LINKED TO YOUR BUSINESS!

MiMississippi does what NO OTHER ADVERTISING MEDIA DOES; MiMississippi provides ANSWERS and INFORMATION for the community!  And, when the community looks to MiMississippi, it finds YOUR BUSINESS!